The Principles of Sport


The Principles of Sport

Athletes discover how to apply five biblical principles to their training and competitions

Kayla Holliday

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The Ultimate Training Camp (UTC) is a high-intensity camp held in Ohio, Colorado, Minneapolis, and California. Specifically designed for college athletes, it helps them learn and practice what it means to live and compete from a biblical perspective.

Athletes discover how five biblical principles of sport & life integrate into their world of training and competition:

  • Worship – Audience of One
  • Identity – Inside Game
  • Growth – Holy Sweat, Wholly Surrender
  • Persevering through tough times – Hurtin’ for Certain
  • Eternal Perspective – Victory Beyond Competition

Over the course of six days of teachings, labs, and the SPECIAL (an unforgettable 20-hour competition designed to challenge the athlete physically, mentally and spiritually), athletes gain a biblical perspective on sport and what it means to play for an Audience of One.

Danielle Clay, who played point guard for the women’s basketball team at Lenoir-Rhyne in North Carolina, first heard of UTC through a friend. She decided to attend camp the summer of her sophomore year.

“It was an incredibly challenging experiencing, but did I mention how much fun it was, too? I went back the next year as an intern, and a few years later I was able to help three players I coached attend the camp.

The impact of UTC extends far beyond the competitive careers of college athletes, though. Those athletes continue to influence and lead in their workplaces, families, and communities.

“Every single principle I learned still helps me in my life today and has impacted the way I approach the girls I coach. I desire for them to discover their true identity and the freedom that comes from a life with Jesus.”

Limited spots are left, so check out upcoming locations, dates and registration information here!

And in the words of Danielle, “If you know a college athlete who might be interested in going, I’ll tell you what my friend told me, ‘DO IT. JUST DO IT. IT’LL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.’”