AIA Principles

The AIA Principles

The Gospel applied to sport, experienced through sport and spoken in the language of sport.


The five AIA Principles of Faith and Sport are part of a unique curriculum developed by our Athletes in Action staff over the last 45 years. They will help give you a Biblical framework for seeing your sport as an opportunity to worship God, so that you can participate in sport in a way that honors Him.

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Who or what do I worship?

Principle #1 - Audience of One

What motivates me?

Principle #2 - The Inside Game

How do I grow and move forward?

Principle #3 -
Holy Sweat/Wholly Surrender

How do I respond to pain & suffering?

Principle #4 -
Hurtin' for Certain

How do I live for God's Kingdom instead of my kingdom?

Principle #5 -
Victory Beyond Competition

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