Ultimate Training Camp

the ultimate training camp

live & Compete from a biblical perspective

The Ultimate Training Camp is a high intensity sports camp, designed by Athletes in Action for college & pro athletes. We tackle the issues of how to blend faith and sport together in every aspect. 

You will learn five core Biblical principles that impact your faith and your sport. Then you get to experience the ultimate test in an unforgettable 20-hour sports competition, known as “The S.P.E.C.I.A.L.” Our goal is to help every athlete in every nation understand how the gospel impacts their sport and life.

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How do you manage your motivation, attitude, leadership, persevering though tough times, and winning & losing? After UTC, you’ll have a whole new outlook for life and competition. 

Join a UTC near you May & June, 2021

Experience UTC in a digital environment in August 2021

Large group camps

Our large group settings have been postponed until 2022, but you can read more about them here

Xenia, OH

TBD, 2022

Ft. Collins, CO

TBD, 2022

St. Paul, MN

TBD, 2022

Los Angeles, CA

TBD, 2022

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Nothing is impossible because the power of Christ is within me 


There are bigger W's in life than winning a race


I compete at a new level filled with His strength, not just relying on my own training and preperation 


God's love is more than enough in every circumstance 


My self-worth is not measured by performance because I am perfectly made in His image 


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