Discipleship part 3: Intentional Investment in Others

part 3: intentional investment in others


Creating a Culture of Spiritual Multiplication
By now, you might be wondering why it’s so important to be investing in others, raising up disciples who raise up disciples. 
Here, Alisha addresses the importance of having a strategy when going after something. Jesus’ strategy was to reach the masses by investing in a few.  
Alisha points out these key areas to focus on:
Language Creates Culture | Think discipleship, not Bible study, and when you share… not if you share.
We Measure What Matters | Measure disciples, not attendance.
Time is Essential | Spend both organized and organic time together, that is, time where you focus on teaching, and other times when you invite them along to run errands or share meals.
We’re Mission-Minded | It’s not just about being well prepared, but living the life of a disciple of Jesus, growing in character and competence.
Rate yourself in the following areas (agree or disagree with these statements):
  • I am on a journey to become more like Christ, growing in character and competence.
  • I live a lifestyle of repentance and applying the grace and truth of the gospel to my own life.
  • I am being transformed by the Spirit.

supplemental resources


Answer the questions below. As before, consider sharing your answers with growth partners. If you’re completing the program solo, write your responses in a journal. 
  • What are one or two highlights from the videos?
  • What did you learn from The Compass, the supplemental resource?
  • The Compass material on Discipleship identified 5 things you can do with your disciples. In which of the five will you be the strongest? Which will be most difficult for you?
  • Who can help resource you to do the one that is most difficult?

live it!

Are there more resources available for leading a discipleship group? Glad you asked!


Discipleship and Multiplication is the fifth and final journey of the Equipped Disciples Curriculum from Athletes in Action. Learn about the whole five collection series and how the parts fit together.