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What does dribbling a basketball, streamlining your body in swimming, and protecting a football have in common? They are all fundamentals: the most basic practices of any sport that, if mastered, pave the path to elite performance. 
Some of the most successful coaches of all time, including Vince Lombardi and John Wooden, were said to have been obsessed with getting the fundamentals right. They knew that the more skilled their teams were at the fundamentals, the more equipped they were to perform at an elite level—and their winning records prove them right. 
Focused female athlete on track

There are a few fundamentals in the Christian life that can take you from spectator to participant for the kingdom of God.

Athletes in Action has identified four basic fundamentals that we believe can take your impact for Christ to the next level as you commit to learning and practicing them: 
  1. Articulating your Christian faith and sharing the gospel
  2. Walking in the power of the Holy Spirit
  3. Conveying your personal story of how your life has changed
  4. Passing on what you know to equip others through discipleship
Although there is no such thing as an “elite Christian,” we desire to help equip you for the lifelong journey of following Christ.  The Equipped curriculum combines the best of our resources with action challenges to help you master the basic disciplines of the Christian life. We use these resources in many different settings and with many different people all around the world. You don’t have to be an athlete to benefit from these resources. 



The Equipped Disciples Curriculum is broken into five journeys on this platform, each with four or five parts. The journeys can be completed in any order.  
Each journey includes:
  • a primary teaching video
  • some of the supplemental resources to add value to your learning experience
  • some reflection questions
  • and a challenge to take action
You’ll get the most out of the experience if you complete all four parts of each journey, but it you’re strapped for time, complete at least the primary video, capture your insights in the reflection section, and then move toward “Live It,” the challenge to take action.
Guide yourself through the curriculum, or grab a buddy, a group of teammates or coaches, or your small group from church to do it together. We have found that relationship catalyzes growth, so it you can work through the programs with one or more other folks, you’ll be guaranteed to learn more and be better equipped as a disciple. 

These resources will walk you through sharing the gospel clearly and warmly.

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