Holy Spirit part 3: Handling Life’s Inner Struggles

part 3: handling life's inner struggles

So far in this journey, we have established that the Holy Spirit is a true and powerful friend, and that through the Spirit, we can live in ways we could never do on our own. We can see this progress as three common struggles:
Uncertainty | We have considered how God wants to move us from uncertainty in our relationship with Him to confidence.
Unworthiness | We have learned God wants to move us from our feelings of unworthiness resulting from our sin and failure to the experience of His forgiveness.
Unable | We then explored how we are unable to live the Christian life in our own strength. But God wants to give us the power to do so through the filling of the Spirit.
The Christian life isn’t a struggle-free life.
  • We want to do what is right but often fail to do so.
  • Or we do not want to do what is wrong, but we do that very thing.
Despite this being real for us all, most Christians are unprepared for the inner battles they will face.
Let’s consider the source and solution to most of our struggles.
1. Comparing Our Stories | It may be helpful to know that you are not alone in your struggles. Talk to any Christian, and they, too, would be able to tell you of the frustrations they have encountered.
2. Considering Our Struggles | Why do you think most believers are unprepared for the inner struggles? We wrongly assume that if Christ has saved us, the Christian life should be easy. We think everything should just automatically change within them. We don’t expect the struggle and, thus, we aren’t prepared for it. Likewise, we don’t realize how susceptible we still are to doing what is wrong. We have developed lifestyles and habits that lead us back into wrong patterns or practices.


Equipping of the Holy Spirit: Sharing Points 1-2
In this video, Jamie walks a new believer, Lance, through some of the questions we posed above.


Answer the questions below. As before, consider sharing your answers with growth partners. If you’re completing the program solo, write your responses in a journal. 
  • What are one or two highlights that stood out for you from the videos?
  • Since receiving Christ, to what degree have you experienced frustration in your Christian life?

supplemental resources

While the focus of the lesson is on how to be filled—or empowered—by the Holy Spirit, there are a few foundational points concerning the Holy Spirit that need to be clarified.

The Spirit-Filled Life

What did you learn from this supplemental resource? 

live it!

What are some things you can do to help you walk in the Spirit? Choose one idea to focus on this week.

In going from unprepared to equipped to handle struggles, the first two points covered here were to compare our stories and consider our struggles. Next, we’ll explore the solution some more, including examining a sketch that depicts two scenarios and two responses to sin.


Be Empowered by the Holy Spirit is the third journey of the Equipped Disciples Curriculum from Athletes in Action. Learn about the whole five collection series and how the parts fit together.