Athlete, Ask These Questions


Athlete, Ask These Questions

Morris Michalski

Matthew 16:15 (NIV)

“But what about you?” He asked. “Who do you say I am?”

Have you ever humbly asked someone else what they thought of you – not just your performance, not just your skills? You were looking for some simple, honest feedback, not fishing for a compliment. 

Ever had the courage to inquire like this, wanting to know how people experience you before either of you die? Jesus did. And Jesus still does. It was important to Him to ask … and still is. And He believed it must become important to us too. 

Could I take another lap with you and ask a few more questions?

Have you ever asked big questions about direction in life, the source of truth, what truly sustains and deeply satisfies, where to find love that lasts, how to see beyond sight or get relief from guilt and shame? How about how to find life purpose, real hope, moral courage, uncommon strength, undying faith? 

And then there’s this big one: How do I make a name the world remembers? 

Have you ever thought the answer to questions like these could all be found in one place? Maybe even in a person more than circumstances, events or Google searches? 

Could it be that making a name the world remembers is not nearly as important as finding a Name that ultimately is worthy, and then building your life around it? Maybe your questions should be framed more like this …

  • Who is the way, the truth, the life?
  • Who is the holy word of light?
  • Who is the vision to our eyes?
  • Who is the love that will abide? 
  • Who is the purpose of our days? 
  • Who is our hope that doesn’t fade?
  • Who is our courage and our strength? 
  • Who is the fullness of our faith? 
  • Who is the truest life? 
  • Who is lifted high?

Millions upon millions over the millennia have asked these questions, found death-defying, hope-infused, Rock-solid answers and built their lives around what they’ve found. I hope and pray that you are too. 

Reflect: Of all the questions asked in today’s meditation, which one in your life could use more attention? Who do you say Jesus is? Is your life the proof of your answer?

A prayer to consider: LORD Jesus, thank You for becoming for me the answer to so many of my questions and deepest longings. Help me to walk well with others who ask great questions and look for better answers. 

I don’t wanna make a name the world remembers. By Your Word and Your Spirit, satisfy me that I already have found it in You. For the Father’s glory and my joy in You, I pray. Amen.


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