Athlete, God Powerfully Loves You


Athlete, God Powerfully Loves You

Malinda Allen

Psalm 33:9 (ESV)

For He spoke, and it came to be; He commanded, and it stood firm.

How powerful is God?

We can ask this question when things don’t go our way — we suffer a bad injury, we get cut from a team, a family member is sick or our team is 1 and 6 on the season.

Common thoughts are, “What is God doing?” “I didn’t picture it happening like this.” “Does He care?” “If He has power, what is He doing?”

The good news is that God has power beyond our wildest dreams. Psalm 33:9 says, “For he spoke, and it came to be; he commanded, and it stood firm.” His words created the heavens and the angels. He spoke the world into existence.

Think about the best thing your words can get you? I know for myself I can buy something by using my words. But God created the world with His words. Let that sink in.

God is not only powerful, but He love us. In Psalm 33:5, it says that His love is righteous and steadfast. His love isn’t just convenient or ideal.

Jesus did the dirty work for us. He would have been the teammate that picked up the gear after training, encouraged the person ahead of Him in the lineup and ran extra sprints to get better.

Most importantly, He did the most inconvenient thing of all for you and me. He died for us. He is an endless supply of goodness. His love is everlasting and never failing. It is an other-person-centered love.

Psalm 33:20 says He is our help and shield. God spoke the world into existence, did the inconvenient thing and died for mankind, and then He continues to offer us protection.

Reflect: Is there a teammate, friend or coach that you can serve today? Can you do the little things that go unseen? God will see it and will delight in it.

You have to train your mind to remember the truth of the gospel and its realness and power.

A prayer to consider: Father God, You have power to create the stars. You sent your Son to save me. Help me remember this, and make me confident in You.


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