The Little Nudge that Made a Huge Difference


The Little Nudge that Made a Huge Difference

How a little nudge from God helped one student form a movement

Sean Krueger

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Have you ever felt like God was telling you to do something specific? Nick Kreutzer, a super-senior and baseball player at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff (UAPB), knows exactly what it means to get this kind of “nudge” from God.

The summer after his junior year, Nick went to Anchorage, Alaska, to take part in a summer baseball league with Athletes in Action (AIA).

“I’ve always been a big perfectionist and super hard on myself … that trip taught me it doesn’t really matter how I do because the only person I’m there to impress is God. If I play the game the right way and hustle all the time, give it my best, that’s all He cares about.”

During the second week in Alaska, the athletes were challenged to think about starting a Bible study when they returned to campus. Nick said it was like “a slap to the back of the head.” “It was God saying, ‘that’s what you need to do!’ That made me feel like I had a purpose for being at UAPB.” Before he said yes to doing a summer opportunity with AIA, Nick dreaded going back to UAPB. But the trip changed his whole outlook.

When he returned to campus, Nick decided to lead a weekly Bible study. When it first started, about 10 to 15 people came. By the end of last fall, the group had grown to 30-35 people. Nick isn’t leading this group all by himself. He connects weekly with an AIA staff member through SportLinc which exists to help athletes start ministries on their campuses and then mentors and equips them to lead those ministries.

This fall Nick is focused on getting more small groups going at UAPB, specifically DNA groups, which are made up of people who come to the weekly Bible study but want to go deeper. Nick also has a passion to help more athletes at UAPB step into leadership roles in ministry, just like God prompted him to do.

Would you consider praying for students like Nick all over the country – students who are saying “yes!” to God’s leading and making a direct impact in the lives of their peers?