A Culture of Joy

A Culture of Joy

PROFILE: An Interview with Coach Scott Drew

Coming off of an NCAA Championship, Baylor University basketball coach Scott Drew would commonly be asked what it takes to build a winning team culture. 

Coach Drew’s regular response involves unpacking the “Culture of JOY” that his team has focused upon as the backbone of their success. This perspective builds a progressive tier of values that the players and coaching staff strive to follow.

The acronym begins with Jesus, continues to others, and then focuses on yourself. Drew references key players on his championship team that were striving to lead out of this Culture of JOY, including Jared Butler, Davion Mitchell, MaCio Teague, and Mark Vital.

Watch as college basketball analyst Clark Kellogg speaks to Coach Scott Drew on this topic of culture building.


In 2003, Coach Drew began an overhaul of a Baylor University basketball program that had been decimated by tragedy, player departures, and NCAA restrictions. Through strategic recruiting and a dedication to culture building, he methodically turned the program toward present-day successes.

Scott Drew comes from a prominent basketball family. His father, Homer Drew, was a longtime college basketball coach, and his brother played in the NBA before likewise turning to collegiate coaching.

Scott Drew’s background in coaching extends to international teams with Athletes in Action, where he served with teams that competed in Croatia, Bosnia, Germany, Macedonia, Greece, and Bulgaria.

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Watch the full interview

 Watch the full interview as Clark Kellogg asks Coach Scott Drew about such topics as: becoming a head coach, learning the ropes of coaching, building team culture, servant leadership, player-lead teams, and more.