Coach Comes for Hoops, Leaves with God


Coach Comes for Hoops, Leaves with God

Henri came to learn how to be a better coach, but he left with so much more

Sean Krueger

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Henri was one of 23 coaches from 15 different countries to attend the International Coaches Academy, hosted by Athletes in Action (AIA). The basketball federation in his home country of Cameroon sent him to the Academy to develop as a coach and leader.

Henri came to learn how to be a better coach, but he left with so much more!

This year’s Academy will take place in November. It’s an invite only, two-week journey packed with coaching instruction, leadership development, cultural experiences and spiritual input.

Like Henri, coaches come to grow in their knowledge and add to their coaching pedigree. They return to their home countries with a focused mission (and sometimes a new faith) to more effectively lead the athletes they coach.

Last year, Henri arrived in Ohio a day before the Academy started. He accepted an invitation from an AIA staff member to come with him to church. As Henri listened to the message, he “felt God awaken something” in him.

Two days later at an optional training session during the Coaches Academy, Henri again felt God tugging at his heart. He realized what was missing in his life was a personal relationship with God.

Henri asked one of the staff members to explain the gospel and then decided to make a commitment to follow Jesus! As he explained, “I am a new man, a different man. I came for basketball … but I’m going back (to Cameroon) with God.

As you can see, this event can be a crucial part in a coach’s personal faith journey and development.

Last year, four coaches (including Henri) left the Academy as new believers. When they return to their home countries, God uses these coaches to influence the lives of their players, many of whom will also give their lives to Jesus!

The registration cost for a coach to attend the Academy is $500, but many coaches are from developing nations where any registration expense is a barrier. You can help coaches like Henri attend this life-changing event by donating today to provide scholarships for coaches who are unable to cover their registration costs.