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Even at the highest level, athletes are looking for hope


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Can you imagine spending your whole life pursuing a goal only to feel let down once you finally achieve it? What would you do? How would you handle such a disappointment? 

This experience is what happened to Jason, an athlete who was surprised when winning an Olympic medal in wrestling failed to match his expectations

I thought becoming an Olympic champion would be the best time of my life,” he says, “But I had a feeling of emptiness after winning a gold medal.”

Although the Olympics mark the ultimate achievement in the career of an athlete, the experience is challenging in every way. There is the pressure to succeed as a lifetime of training culminates in one competition. There is also the reality that although many athletes compete, a relative few receive medals. And, as Jason shares, there is the unsettling feeling of dissatisfaction that some athletes face at the pinnacle of success. 

The bottom line is that even at the highest level, athletes are looking for hope that goes deeper than victory at the next competition. This is why Athletes in Action teams will be present in Tokyo this August, caring for athletes representing their countries at the 2021 Summer Olympics. 

In addition to engaging with Olympians, praying with them and discipling them in their faith, AIA chaplains will distribute “Struggle & Triumph Athlete’s Bibles in four different languages. The “Struggle & Triumph Bible” is designed with athletes in mind, and features:

  • Inspirational testimonies from Olympians and elite athletes
  • Sport-themed devotionals to aid readers in growing their faith and understanding Scripture
  • The “AIA Biblical Principles of Athletic Competition”
  • Links to even more video testimonies from high-level athletes

As athletes receive these Bibles and hear about the true hope that comes from a relationship with Jesus, their lives are changed. Jason is now one of these athletes: 

“I didn’t realize there are greater things in life than winning gold medals.” Jason says. “I now know there’s no other thing in life that’s more fulfilling than a relationship with Jesus Christ.” 

In just a few months, athletes will arrive at the Olympic Village for the start of these much-anticipated summer games. For athletes who have endured a long delay waiting for this competition, the games represent hope and a return to normal

Will you help ensure that our teams are ready to engage with these athletes? It takes just $7.50 to put a Bible in the hands of an Olympian, and we want to be fully stocked! You can visit to make the assist today.