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As a uniquely challenging year comes to a close, many are searching for hope. For athletes in particular, many face hard questions about the future — particularly as their season or even career has been put on hold due to the pandemic. As they anticipate the new year, it’s natural for them to wonder what’s next. Or, on a deeper level, where is God in the midst of this?

For athletes facing the unknown, it’s our privilege at Athletes in Action to point them to the truth found in Scripture. Specifically, the Struggle & Triumph Bible helps connect athletes to Jesus. This one-of-a-kind resource features: 

  • Encouraging testimonies from high-level athletes, including Olympians and world champions
  • Sport-themed devotionals to help readers grow in their understanding of the Bible as well as their faith
  • Teaching from AIA’s five key biblical principles of athletic competition

For Yuri, a new Christian, daily time spent in prayer and Bible reading has been invaluable. 

“My faith in God helps me in my life and career. It’s very simple. I wake up, open the Bible, read it, and find food for thought for the day. The Bible answers all the questions. It’s a clear plan of action for the lives of every human being,” he says. 

The Struggle & Triumph Bible has already been translated into seven languages: Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. These sport-themed spiritual resources are vital in opening doors for ministry, especially in nations and communities that are difficult to reach with the gospel. 

This year, the demand for Bibles has been so high that our stock is close to being depleted. 

 In the midst of the Christmas season, would you consider a gift to help fund new printings of the Struggle & Triumph Bible? For just $8.50, a Bible can be printed and delivered to an athlete, helping them take the next step on their spiritual journey. 


Highlights of how athletes and coaches around the world are finding their identity and purpose in Christ.