Chaplains are conduits for connection


Chaplains Bring Hope to Their Communities

Katie Neff

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What comes to your mind when you hear the word “chaplain?” Perhaps you think of a mentor, trainer, or coach who serves as a spiritual guide. Maybe you picture a teacher who cares personally for those entrusted to his care. All of these images are accurate, as the role of a chaplain is varied and diverse. 

Chaplains serving with Athletes in Action® perform all of these roles, and more. They are international evangelists and the backbone of our mission. Across the globe their work is vital. Not only do chaplains minister to and encourage athletes, they bring the message of Christ into their communities. 

Consider these opportunities born out of chaplaincy ministries from around the world: 

In Trinidad and Tobago, regular Zoom calls that started with a group of seven Christians have grown to include 32 people, many of whom are non-Christians desiring to learn more about sport and faith. Chaplains representing varying regions share the responsibility of teaching during these calls, each telling personal stories and giving updates on faith and sport in their country. AIA is hoping to hold a Sports Chaplaincy Training here in 2022!

Outreaches in three large cities happened recently in Venezuela, including chaplaincy training for 74 leaders. God provided 67 pastors to make this event possible! These same volunteers are now launching sports ministry around the country, laying the groundwork for additional chaplaincy training that AIA is hoping to provide in five more cities. 

This spring, AIA® leaders in Europe who are interested in starting the chaplaincy strategy in their country will gather for training in Italy. At the time of writing, there are six countries scheduled to attend, with several more expected. 

Even in Ethiopia, where many citizens struggle as a result of the fallout from violent conflict within their borders, chaplain Tsegaye Mano continues to faithfully minister to his hurting countrymen. 

“In the midst of war within Ethiopia, which needs all of your prayers, many of our ministries have been limited in some regional cities and in Addis Ababa,” Tsegaye says.

“But I want to share some of the highlights happening in Ethiopia,” he continues. “Reaching out to unreached sports men and women this year, more than 75 nonbelievers converted. Now we have more than 30 sport teams serving with a total of 95 active volunteers and 20 active associates in more than eight cities.”


Chaplains Bring the message of Christ into their communities

Imagine the impact of an increased chaplaincy presence in each of these places: Athletes gain spiritual development in addition to their physical training, and as they hear the gospel it begins to spread within their community. 

This is why we believe there is still more work to be done – Athletes in Action is trusting God to expand our international chaplaincy outreach into 50 new nations. But we need your help!

Will you join us in bringing the love, peace and salvation Jesus offers to athletes around the world? 


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