NFL ministry matters, and you can help make it happen. 

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building on sand

NFL players have reached the peak of their careers; what could they need? But an identity built on success, wealth, and performance is an identity built on sand. 

Making the most of their influence requires that NFL players build their lives on a solid foundation – a foundation that doesn’t change with their season record, their contract, or their public image. 

AIA NFL Ministry serves players, coaches, alumni, executives and their families to help them grow in their relationship with God, so they have a solid foundation for their leadership in their family, team, and community.

Kirk Cousins holding his Bible and giving his testimony
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Many AIA chaplains provide team chapels before competition or at training camp. We also lead small group bible studies for players, coaches, administrators, individually and also with their spouses or partners.


We’re at all the big NFL events, providing chapel services and other ministry activities. 


From the Super Bowl to the Senior Bowl, our experienced staff are available to connect with athletes as they try to thrive in a high-pressure environment. 


Some AIA NFL chaplains meet individually with players, coaches, or their families to mentor them, provide support through big life changes, or disciple them individually. 

"I love Athletes in Action because they’ve helped me in my journey for more than 30 years."

Tony Dungy

Hall of Fame Coach

The Super Bowl Breakfast

At the NFL Sanctioned Super Bowl Breakfast every year, Athletes in Action awards a player with the Bart Starr Award for outstanding character and leadership in the home, on the field and in the community.

This event is open to the public, so consider joining us online or in person when the Super Bowl is near your city! 


Come behind the scenes with us to see what happens when players, coaches, and chaplains work together to make a positive influence in the world. 

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