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Women's World Cup 2023

This summer New Zealand and Australia hosted the FIFA Women’s World Cup.  As pro soccer chaplains, we supported the US Women’s National Team (USWNT) as they played on the world stage.  We are there to support players, staff, and families and pray for changed lives on and off the field through knowing Christ.  Our chaplains also worked with players from other countries as well.

We provided prayer resources to players during one of the most challenging times for pro soccer players.  Many have spent a lifetime of practice and preparation to get to the world cup, so there is great pressure on each athlete.

See the story of Kayla McKenna, from the Jamaica National Team.  She shares how her relationship with Christ impacts her time on the field as a pro soccer player.

Video of Kayla McKenna on the Jamaica National Team. 

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Teal Bunbury

Teal loves helping people in Nashville.

Jonathan Mensah

Jonathan on the World Cup


DeJuan Jones

DeJuan is making a difference in New England 


In 1996, the vision of Athletes in Action staff member, Jim Schmidtke, came to life. Avid fan and neighbor to the MLS team, the Columbus Crew, Jim had the idea to serve teams in the league. After a conversation with owner, Lamar Hunt, the ministry was launched.

Through partnership, prayer & perseverance, we have chaplains placed with every MLS team, along with most of the USL and NWSL teams. Through pre-game chapels, group prayer & regular Bible studies, chaplains are present to serve and encourage players as they answer questions of faith.  Its about helping pro players know Christ and the difference He makes. 




Average Age of Players in the US Leagues


Each Pro Player Struggles with Some Form of Pressure, Isolation, and Relationships


Percentage of Players who were born outside the United States

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As chaplains, we are volunteers who look to meet our teams’ needs. Due to the amount of time players & coaches dedicate to their sport, many of them tend to not have a strong sense of church community. Through game-day chapels, Bible studies, one-one mentorship & more, our mission is to bring spiritual community, as well as a grounded support system, to them!

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Men's World Cup 2022

The World Cup was last played in Qatar.  We loved seeing the young US Men’s National Team (USMNT) play on the world stage.  We prayed for changed lives in Christ as Christian pro players influenced others as they live out their faith on the field.  Our chaplains worked with the USMNT and the national team of Camaroon.

We also shared Christ through a past world cup story.  In 2010 Ghana played Uruguay and there was a foul at the very end of the game that caused a lot of controversy.  In this video is an account of the game.  

Jonathan Mensah, the captain of the Columbus Crew discussed how to respond to this game, and he mentioned forgiveness.

How do we respond when we feel wronged?  It’s natural to respond with anger.  However, imagine that we responded with forgiveness?

Watch the video and imagine how you would have responded.  click here.