Gospel part 1: Thankful for Good News

part 1: thankful for the good news


What really is the gospel?

As Christians, we often talk about “the gospel,” especially about sharing it. Gospel means “good news.”

But what exactly is this good news that we’re supposed to share with others? Reza explains in this video.


Answer the questions below. If you’re going through these programs with a friend or five (we’ll refer to those as your “running partners”), feel free to share your answers with them. Use these questions to jumpstart deeper, in-person conversations. If you’re completing the program solo, jot your responses down in a journal. 

  • In your own words, describe what the gospel is.
  • Why is the gospel good news to you?

supplemental resources

The following videos may help you gain additional insights into what the gospel is, and what some of the implications of the gospel are.

  • G.O.S.P.E.L – a music video by the artist Propaganda
  • Messiah – a video by the BibleProject


Capture your insights by responding to these prompts.

  • Anything in particular that stood out from the supplemental videos?
  • Can you recall the acronym that Propaganda (the spoken artist) used to explain what the G.O.S.P.E.L. is?

live it!

Take time to journal a prayer of thanks for God’s work of the gospel in your life. 

Optional Extra | In just two minutes, how would you explain the essence of the gospel? Write out or record your description and share with your “running partners,” asking for input and clarity 

It is said that the number one barrier to people sharing their faith is fear

How comfortable are you sharing your faith?


What is the Gospel? is the first journey of the Equipped Disciples Curriculum from Athletes in Action. Learn about the whole five collection series and how the parts fit together.