Gospel part 3: Ethnicity and God’s Kingdom

part 3: Ethnicity & God’s Kingdom


The Gospel & Ethnicity
While Jesus came to restore all the brokenness in the world caused by our sinful nature, we often don’t live in the reality of that restoration. One area in which we still experience a lot of brokenness is with regard to the way we relate to people who are ethnically and culturally different from us.
But what does that have to do with the gospel? Lynne explains in the video that follows.


As athletes, we have the opportunity to get to know folks whom we might not typically interact with, folks who might not go to the same churches as us or move in the same social circles. What a gift that is! Here are some of the points Lynne made in the video:
  1. God’s Word and the gospel affirm the value and dignity of all people
  2. The gospel places all Christ-followers into a new family


Respond to the questions below. Consider sharing your answers with a growth partner. If you’re completing the program solo, write your responses in a journal. 

  • What is one thing that stood out from the video?
  • What are the implications of being made in the image of God?
  • How is ethnicity a part of understanding the gospel?


Lynne lists these questions in her video, suggesting that we talk about this. Choose one or two of these topics to discuss with some spiritual running partners.
  • How does the gospel bring the healing we need in a world that’s full of division?
  • How can you work toward justice?
  • How can you address sins of partiality, racism and supremacy?
  • How can you grow in seeing and understanding ethnicity and culture in the Scriptures?

supplemental resources

Below is an additional resource that can help you respond to some questions around understanding the intersection of the gospel and race.

Racism: What Thoughts or Feelings Come to Mind? – a web article series


Respond to the questions below. As before, consider sharing your answers with a growth partner. If you’re completing the program solo, write your responses in a journal. 

  • What did you learn from the supplemental resource?
  • How does your ethnicity uniquely position you for evangelism within God’s kingdom?

live it!

Talk to a Christian of a different ethnicity about how they share the gospel and compare it to your understanding of the Good News.

How can you start a spiritual conversation? We’ll provide you with some simple and engaging questions that will open the door to more meaningful conversations. Also, there’s no pressure to “convert” anyone!


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