Athlete, Stay Focused


Athlete, Stay Focused

Bridgitt M. Bradley-Brown

1 Corinthians 9:24 (English Standard Version)

Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one receives the prize? So run that you may obtain it.

Life is filled with unpredictable moments and uncertain probabilities. As a former athlete, I can relate to the need for having a routine or a ritual for training. We all train, work or run in order to win or be successful.

Yet the truth reminds us that not all will obtain the prize. One must remain focused.

We all know that there are several events in sports in which an athlete must stay in his or her lane in order to win the race. If you get out of your lane, you are disqualified. Staying in your lane is a requirement of the race, and an athlete must train so that he or she learns to stay focused.

God has given us all different gifts and talents, and each of us has an individual call on our lives. Learning how to stay focused and not comparing ourselves to others is essential for Christian living.

It is easy to get distracted by what others are doing and begin to compare what we are supposed to do with what they are doing. Yet our own race is where we must focus our attention.

In order to be successful, we must learn to be content with the race we are called to run. One must learn to say no to those things that will distract us from completing our race.

It takes discernment and intentionality in order to be able to focus on our own race and say “no” to the temptations that tempt us to get out of our lane and disqualify us from our race.

Reflect: Do you find it hard to not compare your own race to someone else’s? How have you learned to train your brain to say “no” to distractions?


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