Coaches Connect

Coaches Connect

Interact live with seasoned Coaches as they share nuggets of wisdom with younger coaches.

Eight weekly meetings Monday Nights, 9 – 10 pm ET

Sept 13th – Nov 1st

What coaches wish they knew

Navigating life as a coach is difficult.  Trying to climb the ladder. Moving. Serving a head coach. Leading players. Moving again. Trying to find a job. Losing a job.  In the midst of all this you might be trying to navigate a significant relationship and/or raising kids.

Coaches Connect is an opportunity to sit at the seat of seasoned coaches and learn what they wish they knew when they were younger.

Event Details




Eight weekly meetings

9-10pm ET

Starting September 13th

November 1st

What you'll Get

8 weeks of live and interactive Zoom calls

Q & A with your questions.

Networking opportunities with like minded coaches 

Video recordings of all the sessions


All Men’s and Women’s coaches are welcome to partake in this event.


This was a great experience for me. It was my first time being in a setting like this, so I don't have anything to compare it to yet. However, I plan to attending more events like this with good people. ​

Noel Hightower

Lehigh Asst Coach

Recharged my coaching "battery"!!

Billy Robinson


Really gained a different viewpoint and learned so much of how much bigger Coaching is than just teaching the game. We as coaches have an opportunity to be such important role models for the kids we have on campus for 4-5 years.

Jared Boyd


Learn from these coaches

Format of the Program

By registering for this program you will get access to all 8 weeks of the young coaches program.   Each week will be a combination of hearing from a seasoned coach, a time of Q&A with this coach and then a round table time to connect with other coaches. 

Presenting Coaches

  • Roger Powell Jr -Gonzaga
  • Kevin McKenna – Oregon
  • Bruce Weber – Kansas State
  • Ryan Pedon – Ohio State
  • Dr. Hunter Taylor – Ole Miss
  • Chris Coursey – Author of the Joy Switch
  • John Mosley – ELAC (Last Chance U)
  • Saddi Washington (Michigan)
  • and other special guests
* This list is subject to change


  • Building strong relationship with players
  • Habits that lead to wins on and off the court
  • Including family in your work
  • Being a team player as an asst coach
  • What do head coaches want
  • A framework for building a program
  • The season of waiting
  • And each week you get to bring your own questions