Athlete, Spend time with God


Athlete, spend time with God

Cultivate the most important relationship of your life. 

Rylie Sargent

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Athlete, how much time do you spend with your friends, teammates, family and coaches? The answer is probably lots. We spend hours each day cultivating our relationships with those in our lives who are most important to us — why don’t we spend hours each day with God?

The answer is simple — because it’s hard at first, and it can be uncomfortable. It’s okay to admit that we might not enjoy sitting alone, disconnected from our phone, with an ancient book that’s sometimes challenging to understand. 

We have likely spent our entire lives here on Earth desperately trying to rewire ourselves to fit in with everyone else and keep up with the rapid speed the world seems to be moving at. However, the reality is that we were never meant to. We are designed to be with God, spending time with Him each and every day to renew our minds and remind us of what really matters. 

Ben Erkens, men’s soccer player at Clemson University, told AIA® a little bit about his experience with spending time with God. 

Watch Ben on spending time with God

Like Ben encourages us, it is crucially important to put everything aside and spend time with God, cultivating the most important relationship of your life. It doesn’t have to look the same as everyone else’s — you can go on a walk, sit in your room, etc. The most important thing is that you spend time with the God who made you, who knows you better than anyone else and who desperately desires a relationship with you. 

From the beginning of creation, God has hardwired us, His children, His image bearers, to abide with Him. As we go about our busy life full of relationships with teammates, family, friends and more, let’s make sure we prioritize spending time with our Heavenly Father.