Intro: Knowing God Personally

Knowing god personally introduction

One of the biggest struggles for believers is engaging in meaningful dialogue with non-believers around the topic of our faith.
Truth is, sharing your faith can be one of the most natural conversations you might have—just like you would talk about why you root for a specific sports team.
Whether or not you’ve taken the plunge and decided to trust and believe in Jesus, or whether you’re still exploring what Christianity is all about, these programs can help.
Each of the programs in this series outline some of key points around our faith. These can help you understand the significance of the Christian faith. They can help you to explain why you believe in God. They can also help you invite someone to also take a step of faith and trust in Jesus.
Throughout these programs, we’ll refer to these principles simply as Knowing God Personally, or KPG, in short.
Keep in Mind | If you’re using these programs to help you share your faith with someone else, it’s important that you remember that it’s not your responsibility to change someone’s mind or their heart. 
You can pray, asking God to do the deeper work, and you can share with them some of your own story of the impact your faith in Christ has had on your life, and some truths around what faith in Jesus is about.
With that being said, know that sharing your story is not an impersonal presentation of religious ideas and belief systems, but a caring conversation around issues of faith.
  • Even if you use this as a “script” or a guide, remember to maintain good eye contact and be aware of your body language.
  • Ask questions and listen for their answers. This will help to ensure an authentic experience between you and the person you are introducing to Jesus.
It’s important to understand key points to each of the four principles of Knowing God Personally. Questions and examples are listed in each program to help you make the truth of the gospel clear and more relatable.  
Committing them to memory will help you understand whether or not the people you’re speaking with understand the gospel, and it will help you to have natural conversations around the topic of faith in Christ. 
Each main point, question, and example presented in this collection of programs in an order that would both help you clearly understand as well as help you walk someone else through the steps of Knowing God Personally.