When Athletes Know They Are Made for More

When Athletes Know They Are Made for More

Freshman athletes like Elijah are stepping foot on campus right now. And this first year is a critical one.

That’s why for the second year in a row, Athletes in Action will be shipping FAST Packs--Freshman Athletic Survival Tools-- and YOU CAN BE A PART OF IT.

A proven tool to open doors, staff members talk step by step through the materials the athletes receive -- including faith resources, invitations and their own personal Bibles.

Like Elijah in the video you just watched, transformation happens when community & love show up. We’re excited to invite athletes into Christian community in their first weeks on campus this month in the form of a FAST pack.

Will you consider reaching freshmen athletes with us this fall semester?

I can’t wait to share the impactful stories with you as they come in. Together, let’s point these young athletes to Jesus!