Raising Support

raising support

how Will i be paid?

Athletes in Action, as part of our parent organization Cru®, is a faith-based missionary organization. This means that most full-time staff members, part-time field staff, and interns have the responsibility to mobilize a team of ministry partners to pray and give for their personal ministry. Even the President of Cru raises funds to cover their own salary.

This process is called “raising support” and is a common practice among many mission organizations. As part of Cru, we call this process Ministry Partner Development, or MPD.

Raising support even goes back to ministry in biblical times. For example, the Philippians supported the Apostle Paul (Phil. 1:3-5, 4:10-19).

In our early history, we learned that having each individual staff member raise their support would allow us to grow the missionary force needed to help fulfill the Great Commission. As a result God has allowed Athletes in Action, as part of the Cru family of ministries, to be part of one of the largest mission agencies in the world.

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Personal support fundraising includes your salary, benefits, and ministry and training expenses. Total funding goals depends on many different factors, so be sure to read the Getting Started on Staff Guidebook for more specific information.


you're not alone

There is a whole team of people dedicated to helping you raise your personal financial support. 


At your first training, you’ll learn the basics of MPD. 


You’ll also have a coach who works specifically with you to reach your support goals, and encourage you along the way! 


how long does it take?

Depending on if you are raising support for a single year internship, or long-term full-time ministry, the process of raising support could take a few months or closer to a full year. Through the whole process, your coach will be in contact with you helping to work on a personalized timeline. 

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Joining staff with Athletes in Action is a life-changing commitment. Learn more about applying, how staff members are paid, and important qualifications with our Getting Started on Staff Guidebook

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Our parent organization Cru® has many different resources, explanations, and information about joining staff, raising support, and training.