NFL Athletes

These NFL players all share one thing in common, and they’re boldly talking about it. 

Making a difference

using their platform

Patrick Mahomes. Raheem Mostert. Dustin Colquitt. Deforest Buckner.  Jordan Matthews. Do you know what these NFL athletes all have in common!?

FAITH. A five letter word that’s foundational for players like Mahomes, Mostert, Colquitt, Buckner, Matthews & many more. Football isn’t their idol, it’s an opportunity for worship.

In an interview the Monday preceding the Super Bowl game, Patrick Mahomes states …

“Obviously I want to win every game, but as long as I’m glorifying Him every single time I’m out there I can walk with my head held high when I get off the field.”- Patrick Mahomes, MVP of Super Bowl LIV

Patrick Mahomes, MVP of Super Bowl LIV, knows his identity isn’t based on his performance. In fact, he knows his sport doesn’t define him at all — not the size of his contract, the number of completed passes, or even winning a Super Bowl determines his self-worth. He knows he has a race to run — & by keeping his focus on his Audience of One (hyperlink) & using his platform for Christ, he knows he’s running that race well. 

For more than 50 years, Athletes in Action has been helping athletes grow spiritually so they can use their influence to point people to Jesus. As we all know, athletes have a platform. And with that powerful platform, comes a precious opportunity!

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