Mission Acceleration

reach closed countries


Millions of people around the world live in countries where Christianity is not allowed and sharing the gospel is illegal. As a result of these restrictions, a vast majority of people in these places have never heard of Jesus and haven’t had the opportunity to begin a relationship with Him.

But there’s good news — you can change this reality! There is a way to break through these barriers, using one thing that is common throughout the world: love of sports. 

Through AIA®’s Mission Acceleration Fund, 12 nations have been identified where Christianity or the Bible cannot be openly discussed. In these hostile and restrictive nations, sports opens doors where other approaches haven’t been successful. Offering athletic training and coaching has created inroads for access. 

Athletes in Action has designed a Mission Acceleration project for each of the selected 12 countries. Each of these projects is based on sending a team of staff members with a “Sport Pack,” a unique set of equipment put together to serve the needs of the location and the specific sport the program is based on. 

Every Sport Pack also includes ministry material that explains the gospel message in a way that is discreet and safe for both those presenting the message and those who hear. 

It costs $10,000 to supply and send two teams per year to each country. 

Will you help reach athletes, cultures and communities that would otherwise never know the love of Jesus?

Great progress is being made in two of these difficult nations through mission projects. 

But, we don’t know how long the doors to these nations will be open – they could close in any of these locations at any time!

You can ensure that this crucial project continues moving forward by making a monthly gift toward this mission! Because the need is so great and timing is critical, please make a gift today.

Thank you!

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