Pro Digital Discipleship

Pro Digital Discipleship

CAlling All Overseas Athletes

If you want community with other pro athletes and an opportunity to grow in your faith, come join us! 

"I loved being a part of a Digital Discipleship group. It's hard to have fellowship and study the Bible on your own when you're in a foreign country. These studies held me accountable and really helped me grow in my faith. It was also super cool to meet other athletes around the world and seek Christ together!"

Cassidy Mihalko

"“If I’m being real. This has been my toughest year overseas. It’s hard being away from family with COVID and also dealing with what we deal with some years out here. My Bible study Group meets once a week and its honestly had such a positive impact on my life. Although this has been a tough year, I have never felt so close to God. Felt his presence, and been constantly reminded that although we play basketball as a job our purpose is greater."

Jaime Nared