Athlete, You Are in Season


Athlete, You Are in Season

Holly Page

Philippians 2:13 (ESV)

For it is God who works in you, both to will and to work for His good pleasure.

Something is always growing in Texas.

Our celebrated wildflower season runs from late March through April. The bluebonnet is our state’s claim to fame!

These purple flowers carpet our fields and highways, and when mixed in with orange Indian paintbrushes, it’s a combination that I never get tired of.

However, I’ve noticed on my many bike rides and walks that there are so many more flowers to enjoy.

As the spring flowers die out, other species of wild flowers, weeds and flowering plants continue to blossom, regardless the harsh weather.

These hardy plants come in all sizes and colors, and their variety, durability and tenacity are remarkable.

The revelation that something beautiful is always growing makes me think about how we grow spiritually.

Even though we may be experiencing a season of drought, or walking through a fiery-hot trial, or enduring a cold spell — something is always growing in the soil of our hearts.

Christian, look closely because God is doing a work.

This flowering treasure of your soul, though perhaps hardly noticeable, is still blooming. God can cause unexpected growth in the most barren of times.

Thank you, Texas, for this lesson of the heart, “With God, I am always in season!”


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