Athlete, You Have the Wellspring of Life


Athlete, You Have the Wellspring of Life

Malinda Allen

Psalm 36:9 (ESV)

For with you is the fountain of life; in your light do we see light.

As athletes, we always have water by our side. We drink it to keep hydrated and ready to perform. We spray it on our bodies to cool us off during the hot summer. We run to it between drills when the coach blows the whistle.

Water refreshes us and literally keeps us alive. But as Christians, we have the only water that can fully quench our thirst. As David writes in Psalms 36, with God we have access to the fountain of life. We truly live when we experience our lives in communion with Christ, the wellspring of life.

God can satisfy you in abundance because of the steadfast love He has for you. His steadfast love reaches into the heavens and His faithfulness goes as high as the clouds (Psalm 36:5).

He loves you to an unimaginable level, and nothing can take you away from that — no performance, no coach, no teammate, no friend, no family member. When you believe in Christ, you have access to His fountain of life eternally.

Christ loves us despite our sins and He gives us a new life. We lie, we flatter ourselves, we find ways to advance ourselves above other people (Psalm 36:1-4). We make a dirty tackle, yell at the teammate or have a bad performance. But Christ’s love is boundless.

It might seem weird, but the next time you run to get a water break, let that water remind you that you have water that quenches the thirst of your every need. Christ gives you access to true life in Him.

Reflect: Read Psalm 36. Examine verses 1-4 and see what David says about mankind. Then read verses 5-9, and see the goodness of God.

Find a friend to talk with about it, and see what they think. Then sit with these thoughts for a few minutes. It’s easy to rush through the day moving from one thing to the next. But when we do that, it is easy to miss the goodness of God’s Word.

A prayer to consider: Father, You are the well-spring of life. Help me learn to love You more. Help me to love You more than I love Your gifts because You are the source of all good gifts.


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