Athlete, We Are Guaranteed Honor


Athlete, We Are Guaranteed Honor

Mo Michalski

John 12:26 (NIV)

Whoever serves Me must follow Me; and where I am, My servant also will be. My Father will honor the one who serves Me.

A while ago, I deeply invested in a college basketball team for a day. It was so memorable. Our game day chapel earlier at their hotel proved rich, strong and movement-building.

It finished with them getting a signature road win and with me moving from passionate fan to “water boy” to actually joining the coaching staff for the game on the bench just before tipoff. What a surprise and unexpected honor!

Have you received honor lately? If so, who recognized you and for what? Was it deserved?

Few things feel better than receiving honor, especially when coming from those who truly know and understand. It’s something we all desire. Jesus recognizes this and brings special attention to this subject in John 12. Let’s take a closer look.

GUARANTEED: Jesus guarantees that great honor will come our way when we live a life of service. He doesn’t say when or where, but He makes it clear that it’s inevitable, way more inevitable than death or taxes. The Father will see to it.

SERVING: The prerequisite for receiving honor is simple: serving Jesus. The one who is faithful to this mission, bringing honor to Him, gets it. Contracting this sweet infection somehow brings honor back to us.

For more clarity on what it looks like to serve Jesus, read this: Matthew 25:31-40.

FOLLOWING: Jesus links serving to following. The best way to practice serving Christ is by following Him well, imitating His wide range of sacrifice and selfless service for others.

His leading well was built on following well. So should ours.

DEATH: Following and serving means death to self. No death, no effective following or real service. Deathless serving means self-serving still lives.

What you’re willing to die for determines what you’re willing to live for.

MULTIPLICATION: Just like seeds must be buried in the ground in order to produce fruit, self must die in order for service to live, true significance to be born, and life multiplication to launch. True honor only follows life multiplication.

In summary, honor is guaranteed when it centers on serving Jesus, begins with leading by following, accents dying to self, and commits to multiplication living.

Reflect: Do you believe that your honor is guaranteed by God as you faithfully serve and follow His Son? Which function of honor (service, following, death, multiplication) needs more bolstering in you?

What honor-building step could you take today?

A prayer to consider: LORD Jesus, I love looking at You! I believe in the servant example You set, the relentless following You practice first, the death-to-self You demonstrate, the powerful commitment to multiplication You display, and the trust in Your Father that honor will surely come Your way when it’s time.

Help me do the same. Amen.


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