Athlete, This is the Bottom Line


Athlete, This is the Bottom Line

Mo Michalski

2 Peter 3:18 (NIV)

To Him be glory both now and forever! Amen.

We all need a good bottom line. It gets us beyond all the distractions. It settles our thinking when all sorts of things vie for our attention. It doesn’t let us drown in the sea of everything else.

It brings the power of one thing to center stage and eliminates all the rest. It is the most powerful soliloquy there is.

Athletes need one. Coaches need one. Families need one. Communities need one. Nations need one. The living and the dying need one. The whole world needs one.

Do you know what it is? The Book of 2 Peter closes by highlighting life’s greatest bottom line.

It’s not me. Not us. It’s this:

God’s glory.

Yep. That’s it — bringing honor to Him, specifically Jesus.

As the exact representation and fullness of God, the Father wants our bottom line worship routing toward Christ, to honor the Son.

And a role of the Holy Spirit is to prompt this bottom line to play out in us.

Our bottom line, chief purpose and maximum motivation is found here: God’s glory in Christ. Any other bottom line you and I rest on is not the bottom line. It will cave in on us eventually. It’s not built to handle the weight. Only His glory is.

And may I remind you that there’s an urgency at play here? Scripture says to do it now. And forever. So stop and drop anchor around this. Download it for a lifetime. No delay.

We were made for worship. His! Everything we say and do is to reflect this somehow. So give Him the honor due His Name now and forever. That’s the bottom line.

Reflect: Is your life’s biggest bottom line bringing Him glory now? Are you better at stealing glory or giving it? Where could God’s glory be more evident in your bottom-line living?

A prayer to consider: Father, thank You for giving us such a clear, selfless, powerful bottom line in Jesus. May this play out in all I say and do today through the power of your Spirit, now and forever! Amen.


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