Athlete, This is Better Than Dedication


Athlete, This is Better Than Dedication

Morris Michalski

Joshua 3:5 (NIV)

Joshua told the people, “Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the LORD will do amazing things among you.”

Dedication is a pivotal word. It separates men and women from boys and girls and makes effort relentless. 

It is basically unrivaled in its ability to help people advance, improve. It’s the secret sauce to all sustained personal and professional growth. Do you agree?

But one thing supersedes dedication. It’s consecration. To consecrate means to set apart for noble service. 

So consecration attaches high purpose to dedication. It bumps up dedication to a whole new level. 

It asks someone to hang a new, bold sign on their “business” (i.e., their life and possessions) that says, “Under Great New Management.” And it makes them hang tough.

Consecration is better because consecration gets spiritual. It calls for devotion with a divine purpose in mind. It adds “sacred” to dedication and “holy” to mission. It means setting oneself apart for service to God.

 Consecration proclaims new ownership. It says, “What’s mine is really Yours. I want You to have back in its best form whatever You’ve given me.”

The people of Israel were regularly challenged to consecrate themselves and their possessions to the LORD. (Nearly 100 times in Scripture this term is used.) And boy, did it help their focus and execution each time they did (note Joshua 3:5ff).

It helps mine too. As a college student, I heard these profound words: “Who you belong to makes all the difference in the world.” And my surrendered response became, “I belong to more than me. All that I am and all that I have belongs to You, O LORD.” 

I’ve oft repeated these consecrating words since. With no regrets! Each time it renews my sense of mission and purpose, for consecration always clarifies. It is a strong act that brings sweet surrender, repeated reward, and fulfilling joy.

Reflect: Are you scared to be fully consecrated, set apart for God’s good use? Afraid to let go? To whom do you and all your stuff belong: Your hands, feet, eyes and ears, your time, talents, treasures, hopes, dreams and ambitions too?

There is no wiser, better decision than living life consecrated to God. You can’t be in better hands.

A prayer to consider: LORD, I belong to You. Use me as You see fit for Your glory and my joy in You. A godly consecration is better than any dedication I will ever make. Amen.


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