Athlete, Rocks and Memorials Are Important


Athlete, Rocks and Memorials Are Important

Morris Michalski

Joshua 4:7 (New International Version)

These stones are to be a memorial to the people of Israel forever.

Cultures often use rocks to memorialize things.

  • Rocks are piled over corpses to give the dead a simple home.
  • Rock-built, often-crossed tombstones (paired with a small flag) honor fallen American heroes due to war.
  • Big rocks are placed and painted on college campuses to commemorate something noteworthy.
  • There is a great rock showcased beautifully inside the San Antonio Spurs practice facility. It helps tell a very special story that defines that sports franchise’s deep DNA.

Here’s one more rock story.

God gave His people an assignment. Take twelve great rocks from the middle of the Jordan River and pile them up together beyond its west banks to serve as a memorial. It was to signal the LORD’s faithfulness in parting those waters and bringing His people to their Promised Land.

When generations to come would ask why the stones were piled up so obviously, people would tell this story of God‘s great deliverance and faithfulness.

Reflect: What all do you commemorate? How much does your memorializing include others? How do you consider Christ and celebrate His amazing faithfulness, sacrificial death and abundant life-giving any given day?

A prayer to consider: LORD, I am in awe of Your faithfulness. I treasure the sacrificial gift of your Son and unending presence of your Spirit. These are huge rocks to me.

Help me to esteem others well, as better than myself, and bring You the full honor due Your name in life and in death. Amen.


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