Athlete, Recognize the Divine Intersections


Athlete, Recognize the Divine Intersections

Morris Michalski

Ezekiel 8:1 (NIV)

… the hand of the Sovereign LORD came on me there.

Have you ever felt like life was more than random, that something or someone was bursting on your scene, beyond your arranging? What comes to mind?

There are indeed moments in life when events cannot just be random. And they can’t just be chalked up to the triplets Luck, Chance, and Fate at work. These three have no power. They have no game. 

They are way more imaginary than we think. They exist for those too timid to believe in God, too arrogant to give Him credit, or too indifferent to sense His care. 

Something more powerful and personal is at work. Face facts. It’s God Himself. 

Yes, God invades the affairs of men. His hand comes upon them. His Spirit rests on them. He shows up at special times, unique places, cool moments … often in striking, powerful ways. It’s His way.

The hand of the LORD came upon Ezekiel in Israel as seen in Ezekiel 8:1. Altogether, Scripture records 156 instances when God’s hand came upon or His word came to someone at a specific time and place. 

Divine intersections abounded then. And they abound now. God’s Spirit sees to it (Ezekiel 36:27; 37:14).

Reflect: Have you experienced a divine intersection lately? Has God arranged something to command your attention, up your awareness, invite your new commitment, generate your fresh worship or greater devotion?

What divine intersection is coming to mind for you right now? If this hasn’t happened lately, have you been too busy, too noisy to notice His hand, His voice, His intersection?

A prayer to consider: LORD and Father, thank You for every moment You have invaded time and space and intersected me. Rest Your hand here. Make me ridiculously confident that You are here and that I am not alone. 

Don’t let me go too fast, be too busy, or move so proudly as to miss Your touch, ignore Your intersection, or reduce You to being one of the “triplets.” 

Do the same for so many others I know and love too. Come upon them by your Spirit. Keep creating divine intersections for us all. For Jesus sake and our joy in You. Amen.


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