Athlete, Here is the Way God Sees


Athlete, Here is the Way God Sees

Morris Michalski

Deuteronomy 1:36 (NIV)

... except Caleb son of Jephunneh. He will see it, and I will give him and his descendants the land he set his feet on, because he followed the LORD wholeheartedly.

When George Washington Carver got a really good look at a peanut, nearly endless new possibilities grew. When the Wright Brothers got a better view of birds in flight, how we all travel changed. And when Steph Curry gets just a quick glance at the basket within 40 feet, points ring up, buckets drain and many wins come.

Yes, when we get clear vision, everything changes. How we see matters. 

What’s something you long to get a good look at? 

Here’s some things the LORD really hopes we’ll spot:

I WILL SEE WHAT HE SEES. What the LORD longs for is that we, like Caleb, will see what He sees, value what He does, pursue what He wants us to, and possess what He’s prepared for us. It’s good and it’s plenty. 

No other god freely shares his good vision like the LORD (See Numbers 14:5–9).

I WILL SEE HIS BUSINESS. God’s business is blessing (way more than judgment). His mission is to bless (empower) us. And our response is to bless (praise, worship, serve) Him. It runs in that order. 

This is the way the God of the Bible operates. No other god does business like this. 

I WILL SEE HIS REACH. God’s reach is big. While His blessings are personal, they also extend generationally. He did it for Caleb. And He longs to extend this far and wide to all who follow Him. 

The reach of God is massive. No other god covers ground like that. 

I WILL SEE HIS EXTRAVAGANCE. God promised Caleb and his descendants the land on which Caleb set foot. There’s nothing Caleb‘s lineage did to earn that residual blessing. 

Generational blessing is an extravagant grace. It is “God privilege.” It is grace. And it must wow us to worship. 

Seats at God’s table are always reserved for the undeserved – all people, all generations, always room. No other god is that extravagant. No other gospel is that good.

I WILL SEE HIS METHODS. Caleb followed God wholeheartedly. Hearts like this are what the LORD is after (Numbers 14:24). An undivided heart is what He wants (Ezekiel 11:19). 

These are the people He can work with (Acts 13:22). No other god aims for the heart like the LORD. 

I WILL SEE HIS MATH. Caleb learned that being faithful to One “is better than dating many.” It frees a man and renders him fearless. And wholehearted devotion to following God always ends up being a multiplication experience, way more fulfilling than imagined. 

Any subtraction or division in life always turns out positive for believers (Romans 8:28). To have Him is to have enough. Every other god nets zero. 

Reflect: Are you seeing any gaps between God’s view on life and yours? What step (with regard to God’s business, reach, extravagance, methods, math) might you take to improve your view today?

A prayer to consider: LORD, I want the way I see life to be the way You see it, so open my eyes to new possibilities. I want my business to be Your business. I want to appreciate Your reach, respect Your extravagant grace, and extend my reach and grace-giving to others like Jesus does. 

Help my methods and motivations to be pure and wholehearted and the way I do math to reflect the way You keep score. I long to be a Caleb for You in this generation. By your Spirit I pray. Amen.


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