Athlete, Here is Heart Repair


Athlete, Here is Heart Repair

Morris Michalski

Psalm 73:26 (NIV)

My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.

I feel so alive and breathing today. And I’m grateful for so many sincere prayers lifted and so many good caregivers that have flanked me. The Lord is good.

Face facts. Heart and flesh do fail. We are not invincible, as hard as we work to live that way. That’s why king David declares in Psalm 73 a vital word, that God is our heart strengthener and our portion forever. 

I know this wonderfully fresh and true. I received two unplanned but demanded heart surgeries this week. And boy, do I feel measurably better!

When God says He strengthens hearts, it means He grants healing of all sorts of heartaches and renders us fearless. He grants courage to face the past, present and future — to face it mentally, physically, spiritually, relationally, socially and morally, as we ought. 

Come to Him for heart strengthening. He’s the best Doc!

When God pledges to be our portion forever, it means He eternally commits Himself to be our sustainer, our stronghold, our provider, our very life. It means He keeps us alive and breathing and full of hope. If we are looking for all this, for something fully enough, find it in God faithfully, forever.

Reflect: Does your heart need repair, need to be made strong or rendered fearless? Do you need fresh life and breath and a better hope? Declare, like David, Psalm 73:26. Breathe it in. Live it out.

A prayer to consider: LORD, You are the strengthener of my heart and my portion forever. I rest and rely on this declared truth. Thank You for rescuing and renewing me, putting life and breath in me in real time once again. Oh how I praise and worship You! Amen.


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