Athlete, Here is a Name to Trust


Athlete, Here is a Name to Trust

Morris Michalski

Psalm 20:7 (NIV)

Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God.

It’s always interesting to watch people rally around names … names of teams, players, business icons, political figures. We think this quarterback or that clutch scorer, this captain, coach, or leader is worthy of our great devotion and confidence. 

We believe certain ones are able to deliver us from or through our fears. Who’s your guy or gal? What’s your team? Which party, club, movement holds your trust? Where do your hopes rest? 

In what name do you really trust?

King David reminds us in Psalm 20:7 that his decisive choice and ours must be the LORD. Chariots and horses represent other ways to get what we want and dominate. 

Though he recognizes many might choose other options in which to place their trust for leadership, deliverance, power or victory, this anointed man of God calls us to place our hope and trust in the name of the LORD for all that matters most in life. That’s the Name in which to place our trust above all.

Notice a few more good nuggets clustered in Psalm 20 and beyond:

* David shows no hesitation, no flinch, in what he shares, only straightforward resolve. He is decisive in his declarations. He is certain and clear in his convictions about God’s authority, sovereignty, superiority, worth. 

May we approach life the same way.

* David calls for selfless celebration and only one rightful boast. He doesn’t leave room for his own swag. 

May shouts of joy go to God, not us, when victory comes our way. And may the banners we make get lifted high to Him alone (see Psalm 20:5).

* God is in the business of bringing people to their knees. He is also in the business of helping people rise up and stand firm. He does whichever is needed, whatever’s best. Watch Him go to work. Trust Him to do this (see Psalm 20:8).

* God is in the business of rescue, protection, support, salvation, seeing and remembering, and answering. David knew all this experientially. (Read the rest of this short chapter and see what I mean.) 

So much of it started with his asking God for these things. God-asking shows we trust God. So confidently ask in good hope too!

* The Bible says that One Name is above every other name. Jesus (Philippians 2:10-11). It’s the name to trust. It’s the name at which all will bow and confess His rightful Lordship. The only question is when … Before it’s too late or after?

Reflect: What “chariots” and “horses” do you find particularly tempting to trust in? What one name do you build your life around?

A prayer to consider: LORD, Your name has been tried, tested and found true through the ages. I’m asking You to help me dismiss other names in my life in which to trust (even my own). Leave only Your name before me. Help me to ask freely, to know Your mind on matters and find my answers and rest in You. I want to love and trust You more. Amen.


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