Athlete, Get This Going for You


Athlete, Get This Going for You

Morris Michalski

1 Timothy 3:5 (ESV)

… for if someone does not know how to manage his own household, how will he care for God’s church?

In a large study conducted among Olympic athletes worldwide, seven common personality traits were identified. “High organizational ability” was one. Interesting. The ability to manage one’s affairs well was linked to elite sports performance.

Hmmm … What does “managing my own affairs” mean? It could mean many things, chief among them is this:

MY ARRANGING: How I order my space and organize my time impacts performance more than I think. Where I put things and how I classify things influences or impedes my day. How I organize my time, how I manage the flow and tempo of my daily schedule all matters. 

Ordering my private world impacts my public productivity. 

MY ROOF: How I manage my household, my family and key relationships matters. How I handle those living under my roof affects other arenas I step into. Little wins breed bigger wins.

MY RESPONSIBILITIES: Responsibility wins breed surprising success. The confidence I get here creates more equity than I often imagine. Keeping on top of even the simplest responsibilities generates power for more. 

MY GREATER ROLE: God’s goal is for us to be stretched, to expand our reach, to “multiply and have dominion over the earth.” It’s been His goal for us since the beginning (Genesis 1:28). And His further goal for us is to care for others, not just self. 

Building His church, His kingdom on earth, is the primary mission. This expanding role is not likely happening if a good infrastructure of growing organizational ability is not attached to it. 

Reflect: Do you see a direct, personal link between high organizational ability and human performance? What part of your life needs a good, fresh organizational touch? How well are you ordering your world in regard to time, space, key relationships and responsibilities?

A prayer to consider: O LORD and wise Father, organize me afresh! I’m not always as good as I think at staying on top of things. Get me beyond stale. Help me do some good house cleaning and better time management today. 

Personal growth and kingdom work are at stake at this line of scrimmage. My roof and arrangements, my roles and responsibilities, need regular care. Lead me to new wins here. 

Thank you for the encouragement of Jesus who shows us the way, and for Your Spirit who empowers me to be my best for You, for others. I lean on all of who You are today. Amen.

P.S. Here is the acronym (AROMA) on which we have built our home culture. (Note especially the middle letter.) May you smell this aroma sweetly growing under your roof!

A – Affirmation

R – Respect

O – Order

M – Merriment

A – Affection

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