Athlete, Express Thankfulness


Athlete, Express Thankfulness

Morris Michalski

1 Chronicles 29:13 (NIV)

Now, our God, we give You thanks, and praise Your glorious name.

Love to die for.
Love to live for.
Faith that changes things.
Hope that endures all things.

A Son who came down and got up.
Righteousness FROM God (not for God)
A perfect sacrifice for sin.
Perfect love and full pardon in Christ.

Costly salvation freely given.
Being fully known and still loved.
Endless forgiveness …
Bestowed and received.

Eyes to see beyond sight …
And read one great Book.
Ears to hear great music …
And march in beat to truth.

A healthy body.
A sound mind.
A tender heart still.
A resilient spirit.

Good shelter.
Sound refuge.
Daily bread.
Light in darkness.

Toughness that builds character.
Tears that actually form and flow.
Laughter to lift the day.
Songs that lift the spirit.

Moral courage, not just physical.
Discipline birthing freedom to be my best.
Friends whose loyalty sticks.
Family that endures, defines, delights.

Real peace.
Abiding peace.
Discovered joy.
Fullness of joy.

Eternal life.
Abundant life.
Meaning in life.
Purpose in life.

Neither poverty nor riches.
Vanity seen in everything but God.
Idols toppled in me.
Grace and mercy in endless supply.

Heaven that awaits.
Great role models here.
One ultimate example.
A Holy Spirit who lives within.

His story in me … and mine found in Him.

And one more thing … YOU!

Just wanted you to know my heart …
Happy ThanksGiving!
Happy ThanksLiving!
Coach Mo


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