Athlete, Consider Snares and Songs


Athlete, Consider Snares and Songs

Morris Michalski

Proverbs 29:6 (NIV)

Evildoers are snared by their own sin, but the righteous shout for joy and are glad.

Ever felt trapped, ensnared? Ever got to a point where you couldn’t stop turning the ball over, fumbling it away? How about mentally or spiritually? Felt oppressed or depressed, in bondage to thoughts or actions, past failures or “crimes” committed by you or against you?

Ever been released, set free from such experiences or feelings? How did you get out? Did denial or blame-shifting help? Did guilt or shame persist? Does it still?

Proverbs 29:6 gives us good direction. God shows us a few pointers on how to unlock us and keep us going. Let’s take a look. 

SIN ALWAYS SNARES. Sin doesn’t just get us down. It wants more. It ensnares. Its goal is to keep us down, to pin us, to eliminate us from contention in being useful to God. 

It wants to put us under, leave us in the cellar, lock us up, take us to our grave. Guilt and shame see to it. Satan’s reminding ways affirm this. (Revelation 12:10; John 8:44) He wants to insure long-term effects for our sin. 

Sin always ensnares and enslaves. And it always happens when we self-justify and disobey. Remember that!

OUR OWN SIN SNARES MORE. Sins committed against us hurt for sure. They can contaminate. But we get snared by our own sin more than by others who sin against us. Each of us are born with it. And we self-corrupt more than become victims of others’ hostilities. Own sin well. 

SONGS RELEASE. A good song releases the heart. It frees the soul. And those who have been released sing best. Songs declaring freedom and victory do our hearts so much good and make us glad. We need good songs to help release us … especially to God.

SONGS COME. They arise automatically whenever freedom is felt. Every time I know I’ve been delivered, set free, I sing and am glad. I have to. The release is too good to shut up and be quiet. (I love hearing songs arise like this spontaneously any given day from my wife or any one of our children! It’s so beautiful.)

And freedom is always felt when righteousness, God‘s brand in Christ, is present. His righteousness frees us from the snares of sin that entangle and imprison us. That brand sure does free a person and put a song in his or her heart.

Here’s the wisdom. Sin snares more than we think. It shuts us up and shuts us down. Righteousness releases and renews. It makes us sing for joy. Take your pick on how to live. I choose righteousness, His, and all the great songs that come with it!

Reflect:  Do you believe Christ’s righteousness can get you out of any sin-pit you’re in? What songs are you listening to? How glad are you to have life and righteousness?


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