Athlete, Consider Open Book Living


Athlete, Consider Open Book Living

Morris Michalski

Isaiah 48:17 (NIV)

This is what the LORD says — your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel: “I am the LORD your God, who teaches you what is best for you, who directs you in the way you should go.

Getting to know someone sure can be interesting, important, or even imperative. If you’ve ever played for a new coach, gotten a new boss, or entertained marriage, you know what I mean!

Have you wondered lately what someone was really like, what they were truly about?

The most important person to get to know is God. The One who made us needs to be known. And the good news is this — He’s an open book more than we think.

He makes Himself known. And what we discover about Him will create awe.

In Isaiah 48 God goes “open book” with us. (Are you curious?) Here is what He wants us to know about Him. 

“I SAID IT FIRST, LONG BEFORE IT HAPPENED.” (Isaiah 48:5) God has a boatload to say about life, including the future. He writes super, true-life stories filled with predictions and then makes them all come true.

The Bible is loaded with prophecies made and fulfilled. He calls made buckets long before the shots are even taken and insures they’ll score. He hasn’t missed one. Mathematicians can’t even fathom His success odds.

It’s all meant to wow us into His pure worship.

“I WILL NOT YIELD MY GLORY TO ANOTHER.” (Isaiah 48:11) The God of the Bible is jealous for His own glory and resists any attempts by anyone or anything to take this away. That includes you and me. What a relentless commitment to being unrivaled!

“I AM FIRST AND LAST.” (Isaiah 48:12) God is the first word and last word on any matter. He is the first move and final move of all creation. “Alpha and Omega” is His nickname. What positions to hold!

“I HAVE NOT SPOKEN IN SECRET.” (Isaiah 48:15) It’s really no secret about who the God of the Bible is. He’s made Himself clear. He’s more than “Captain Obvious.”

He will not continually keep us guessing or leave us dangling like all the gods of this world. Read the Book and find out. Pray and discover. Look, listen and learn.

“I MADE YOU FOR MYSELF.” (Isaiah 48:17) If we entertain any doubts as to why we were made or who we belong to, remove them. God boldly declares our purpose and our possession. We were made for Him, for His good pleasure. Align your life with this. Case closed.

“I TEACH YOU WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU.” (Isaiah 48:17) If we wanna know what’s best for us, tap into God’s instruction. He can flat out coach. His ability to teach, to impart wisdom and knowledge, skill and perspective, is unrivaled.

He sets the gold standard. This also implies that accepting other instruction that doesn’t align with His means minimums not maximums, deception not truth.

“I DIRECT YOU IN THE WAY YOU SHOULD GO.” (Isaiah 48:17) God brings a beautiful “Invisible Hand” to our lives. Because He sees everything so transcendently well, God can direct our paths aright. Navigating life need not be so hard if the LORD becomes our compass, pointing the way.

What a great collection of things to know about God!

Reflect: Who do you belong to? Which Isaiah 48 open book line touched you? Which one do you need to keep hearing? To whom can you become a more open book?

A prayer to consider: LORD, I’m amazed at Your open book living with us. You haven’t spoken in secret or lived in anonymity. You fulfill your word relentlessly well. What hope this brings!

Thank You for every revealed moment, especially seen in Jesus, and for declaring my purpose and Who I belong to. It makes all the difference in the world. I’m deeply grateful for all I’ve discovered in You.

Be the first and last word framing my every inquiry and bookend my thoughts. Keep wowing me with your fulfillments, teaching me what’s best, and directing my steps in the way I should go.

Accept my praise and worship. And help me journey on in faith, hope, and love through the power of your Spirit living in me. Amen.


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