Athlete, Check your Allegiance


Athlete, Check your Allegiance

Jason Cooper

Philippians 1:13 (NIV)

It has become clear throughout the whole palace guard and to everyone else that I am in chains for Christ.

Everyone on your campus is bound to an ideology. If someone says, “There is no truth,” or “Everyone’s belief system is true,” even those are restrictive creeds.

Commitments come with every belief. Being bound to whatever narrative we believe about life is not unique to Christians. It’s the unavoidable outcome of believing anything.

Paul’s reason for his being bound was Jesus. Can you say the same?

On campus, sometimes an allegiance to an ideology, mantra, denomination (or non-denomination) can supersede devotion to Jesus the person.

We may be committed to Catholicism, but that’s not Jesus.

We may be committed to a non-denominational branch, but that’s not Jesus.

We may be committed to a theological strain in Christendom, but that’s not Jesus.

We may be committed to being a thoughtful, moral person, but that’s not Jesus.

Are you aware of whom and what you are serving and loving? Can you detect whom and what has your allegiance?

It’s harder to detect than you might think.

Being a disciple of Jesus means our commitment is to Him.

This is unique. And this is cool. Unlike many other belief systems, our whole aim boils down to following one person — Jesus — and He already loves and accepts us.

Student-athlete, remember that the only chains that make you free are the ones attached to the Liberator. No other commitment is kind in the end. No other commitment loves us, nor did it give itself up for us.

Afterthought: There are a myriad of things people are living for on your campus. Everyone’s heart and mind goes to a temple.

Notice the interesting things to which people’s chains are attached. Pay attention to yours too.


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