Athlete, Build Your Strength


Athlete, Build Your Strength

Tom Petersburg

Daniel 11:32 (NASB)

... but the people who know their God will display strength and take action.

It is not unusual to watch other believers go through difficult trials in life and marvel at their strength. At the same time, we wonder if we would be able to weather a similar ordeal. Daniel offers insight into handling hard times.

The later chapters in the book of Daniel record prophecies that describe the tumultuous times that God’s people were about to experience. The conflict between nations in the region included an attempt to extinguish the faith of those who looked to God. In the midst of loss and persecution, many people walked away from Him.

Tucked into the middle of these prophecies is a statement that offers both hope and instruction: Those who know their God will experience strength. They will not be paralyzed by their circumstances.

Here is the key thought. Notice who displays strength in this verse — those who know their God. The word “know” means to know by “observing and experiencing” God. It refers to more than a casual awareness of God or an academic understanding of what the Bible says about Him.

Those who know God can confidently say they have seen that God is who He says He is. They have personally observed that God’s claims about Himself in the Scriptures align with how He has worked in their lives.

As with any relationship, knowing God takes time. It involves humbly seeking Him through prayer and time in the Scriptures. Knowing God produces strength — the ability to trust God to resolve our circumstances in His time and His way.

Consider some steps to know Him better:

* Read through the Psalms and Isaiah 40-46. (Old Testament)
* Record what you see about God’s character or actions.
* Read through the Gospel of John, making note of how Jesus interacted with people.
* Ask Him to make His work evident in your life.

Make it a personal pursuit of God, seeking to know Him better. You will discover the strength He offers.

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