Athlete, Beware the Small Stuff


Athlete, Beware the Small Stuff

Aaron Craft

1 Corinthians 5:6 (ESV)

Your boasting is not good. Do you not know that a little leaven leavens the whole lump?

One of the biggest challenges I face currently is how to spend my free time. Even though I like being active, there is always the lure of Netflix, TV, or video games.

It is easy for me to convince myself to relax, chill on the couch and not engage my mind for one day knowing I will have freetime to “work” the next time.

What happens, though, is one of these days rolls into another and then another. Breaking the cycle becomes more difficult because catching up on Suits is enjoyable and helps the time go by fast. Whereas listening to a sermon, opening a book, or even writing this takes effort, focus and mind power.

One day easily affects the next three! Paul warns us against this lackadaisical, leeway mentality. And he isn’t just talking about how we spend our time.

We can grow very comfortable with actions, words and thoughts that don’t seem harmful but are actually detrimental to our hearts, minds and souls. These things directly oppose God’s Word, but because we don’t see the immediate consequences of indulging, we make room for them anyway.

Before long, they slowly become infused in our own lifestyle and personality, and we convince ourselves God Himself would have no qualms with them.

If we constantly watch entertainment with vulgar language and explicit content, we are more prone to use that language and see our fellow brothers and sisters in that light.

If we lie about something small and insignificant, how long until we believe we can get away with more complex lies with others’ emotions on the line?

When the first person that comes to mind is myself, my plays and my stats, how long until the rest of my life pushes God and others to the periphery, allowing me to reign supreme?

Don’t discount the little things in our lives. When isolated, they might not be much, but when added together, they can be a powerful force — difficult to contain and resist.

The old self with all its practices must be resisted and put away, not given latitude to continue.

Reflect: What thoughts, words or actions do I allow more leeway in comparison to God’s Word? Why do I do this?


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