Athlete, Begin an Investment Strategy


Athlete, Begin an Investment Strategy

Aaron Craft

Matthew 26:7 (ESV)

A woman came up to Him with an alabaster flask of very expensive ointment, and she poured it on His head as He reclined at table.

I know college athletes aren’t quite in a position financially to be thinking about investments and portfolios. I was there; I know the excitement that wells up inside when the per diem sheet gets passed around, half of which you have already spent in your mind.

But I also know we still make decisions on what to do with our money. There are groceries and bills and movies and gas, yes, but where else are we using it? We can still be conscious about the financial decisions we make and consider the return possibilities of the different areas where we can invest our money.

I am not suggesting recklessness or foolishness with our finances, but perhaps a reevaluation/reconsideration about how we use some of our extra bucks. Some examples you may consider:

  • Purchase a Bible of your own and spend time in God’s Word. Getting to know God is invaluable!
  • Purchase a daily devotional that will help you be disciplined and grow daily!
  • Take a teammate or friend out to lunch. Get to know them, build up the relationship, tell them about your joy in Jesus.
  • Buy the homeless person you always see standing on the corner a meal.
  • Wisely help a family member out that may currently be struggling.
  • Find a good church, attend, and give to the needs and organizations they support.
  • Partner with a local organization serving a need in your own city!
  • Support a child through an online organization like Compassion International.

I don’t know the financial standing of the woman in this story, but I do know she viewed Jesus as Someone with more value and deserving of more honor than a perfume worth 300 days’ wages (Mark 14:5). What kind of honor and value does my spending attribute to Jesus?

Money can be a tricky thing if we let it get a hold on us; but it doesn’t have to. Seeking to establish good habits now can help us deal with financial temptations later when we will most likely be earning more. May we seek to honor God with all He has given us, including our money.

Reflect: What kind of benefits do my current spending habits have for my life, others’ lives or God’s kingdom? Is there any place where I am spending money that I could cut back on?


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