Kurt Warner Profile: A Formula for Success

Super Bowl Champion Shares His Formula for Success

PROFILE: Kurt Warner

What is the secret to your on-field successes?

A version of this question is often asked of Super Bowl Champion Kurt Warner. He routinely provides his simple solution:

Faith + Family = Success

Kurt reports that by putting first things first, that faith and family is the fabric that holds life together through the extreme highs and the extreme lows.

Warner’s unique journey to NFL stardom was filled with obstacles and achievements that put this formula to the test. 

As an undrafted quarterback out of the University of Northern Iowa, Warner bounced around the Arena Football League and NFL Europe circuits, before getting a roster spot in the NFL with the St. Louis Rams.

From a place of anonymity, Kurt was thrust into the spotlight in 1999 due to an injury to the Rams starting quarterback. Kurt Warner completed one of the greatest seasons of all time for an NFL quarterback, winning thirteen games, being awarded the league’s Most Valuable Player Award, championing the Rams to a Super Bowl victory, and breaking records along the way.

Watch the following video to hear Kurt Warner’s speech regarding his life’s journey as shared during his introduction to the NFL Hall of Fame. See more about Warner’s life through the trailer for the new movie “American Underdog” (click here).

Perseverance is a theme that Warner speaks about regularly. He encourages athletes, coaches, and fans alike to “believe and never give up.” Kurt speaks to the importance of not losing hope within experiences of difficult circumstances, but to allow those moments to shape and grow you into the person you want to become.  

Belief in God, in himself, and in his talents is central to Kurt’s story. He credits his wife, Brenda, as his number one supporter. She has stood in his corner as the person who has enabled Kurt to endure and believe in the hope that’s before him. 

In 2010, Kurt Warner won the Bart Starr Award, which is annually bestowed on the player who best exemplifies outstanding character and leadership, in the home, on the field, and in the community. 

Presently, Kurt and Brenda Warner remain highly involved in their charity First Things First, reminding those in their community to never give up. This same theme is the focus of the film American Underdog which releases nationwide on Christmas Day 2021 to tell the life story of Kurt Warner.

Click here for more about Kurt Warner and the film American Underdog.

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In theaters everywhere beginning Christmas Day, the film American Underdog will tell the story of Kurt Warner in a way that will inspire viewers to dream big and have faith.