100 Resolutions for the Christian Athlete


100 Resolutions for the Christian Athlete

100 possible resolutions for the Christian athlete to consider for the new year

Brian Smith

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The New Year is upon us and once again comes with the hopeful expectation that we will be better than we were last year. New Year’s resolutions are the perfect opportunities for us to identify how we want to live the next season of our life with greater intentionality than the last.

This probably comes easier for athletes than NARPs (Non-Athletic Regular People), as there is a rhythm of goal setting, expectations, and fresh starts built within our schedules. With that being said, here are 100 possible resolutions for the Christian athlete to consider for the new year.

  1. I resolve to be more thankful than I was last year

  2. I resolve to use my social media as an ambassador for Christ and not merely promote my personal brand

  3. I resolve to grow in my leadership ability within the context of sport

  4. I resolve to get involved in a campus ministry and/or local church

  5. I resolve to search for a mentor

  6. I resolve to be guided by what the Bible says

  7. I resolve to share edifying content on social media

  8. I resolve to encourage my social media followers to follow pastors, ministry leaders, and sports ministries

  9. I resolve to be a real human on social media

  10. I resolve to follow people on social media who help my walk with God

  11. I resolve to be a better teammate

  12. I resolve to respect my coach even if he may not have earned it

  13. I resolve to take time to soak in the moments that sports provide

  14. I resolve to fight against entitlement

  15. I resolve to recognize the people that go unnoticed

  16. I resolve to be more coachable

  17. I resolve to look for silver linings

  18. I resolve to honor my rival

  19. I resolve for my joy not to be conditional

  20. I resolve to treat others the way I want to be treated

  21. I resolve to think before I speak or post on social media

  22. I resolve not to take the easy way out

  23. I resolve to find contentment in Christ and not what sports bring

  24. I resolve to know how to communicate the gospel

  25. I resolve to share the gospel with at least one teammate

  26. I resolve to memorize my testimony

  27. I resolve to share my testimony at a local church or youth event

  28. I resolve to glorify God through how I practice

  29. I resolve to glorify God through how I compete

  30. I resolve to pray for my teammates

  31. I resolve to pray for my coaches

  32. I resolve to pray before competition

  33. I resolve to pray during competition

  34. I resolve to pray after competition

  35. I resolve to pray for my rival

  36. I resolve to think about God more than my sport

  37. I resolve to read the bible more than I read my playbook

  38. I resolve to have a purpose and plan for how I will read the bible

  39. I resolve to take on a leadership role on my team

  40. I resolve to start a team bible study

  41. I resolve to work on bringing God into my sport

  42. I resolve to figure out if God actually cares about sports

  43. I resolve to make time to hang out with injured teammates

  44. I resolve to make a better effort in school

  45. I resolve to stop yelling at the referees when they make bad calls

  46. I resolve to pursue purity in my relationships

  47. I resolve to be slow to speak and quick to listen with my teammates

  48. I resolve to play the first game of the season as hard as the last game

  49. I resolve to consider going on a summer opportunity with AIA

  50. I resolve to start attending a local church

  51. I resolve to use whatever role I play on the team to make the team better

  52. I resolve to not show favoritism to starters over those who ride the bench

  53. I resolve to change the culture of my team

  54. I resolve to engage minority athletes on my team more frequently

  55. I resolve to dress more modestly

  56. I resolve to persevere in difficult circumstances

  57. I resolve to ask my coaches what I can do to take it to the next level

  58. I resolve to ask my teammates how I can pray for them

  59. I resolve to set God sized goals for my sport

  60. I resolve to spend less time on message boards

  61. I resolve to honor God with my language on and off the field of play

  62. I resolve to not let my sport become an idol

  63. I resolve not to gossip about my teammates and coaches

  64. I resolve to memorize more scripture

  65. I resolve to forgive teammates who have wronged me

  66. I resolve to ask for forgiveness for the teammates I have wronged

  67. I resolve to be refined by adversity, not defined by it

  68. I resolve to put the team first and my needs second

  69. I resolve not to take the Bible out of context to serve my own needs

  70. I resolve to let coaches handle the refs

  71. I resolve to strive for excellence every time I play/practice my sport

  72. I resolve to play with the intensity and passion and confidence of someone who anticipates victory while still being able to process defeat with dignity and depth for having faced the test—regardless of the final outcome

  73. I resolve to pursue winning on the scoreboard without allowing that to be the sole measuring instrument of my success

  74. I resolve to grow and become more of what God intended me to be

  75. I resolve to practice extraordinary sportsmanship

  76. I resolve to be more disciplined

  77. I resolve to become a champion of praise

  78. I resolve to own up to my mistakes on and off the field

  79. I resolve not to take Philippians 4:13 out of context

  80. I resolve to tithe some of my per diem money to the local church

  81. I resolve to be more patient with others in the locker room

  82. I resolve to give 100% both publicly and privately because God is my Ao1

  83. I resolve to celebrate my teammates success

  84. I resolve to see competition and sport as a gift

  85. I resolve to not take any shortcuts in my sport

  86. I resolve to compete hard even if the outcome of the game is decided

  87. I resolve to not let my team’s record determine effect my focus and intensity

  88. I resolve not to use God as a lucky rabbit’s foot

  89. I resolve to not take myself too seriously

  90. I resolve to fight through any suffering I experience with courage

  91. I resolve to prioritize my character over winning

  92. I resolve to practice what I preach

  93. I resolve to prioritize sleep over Netflix

  94. I resolve to have the music I listen to reflect the principles I stand for

  95. I resolve to maximize my strengths

  96. I resolve to read a devotional every day

  97. I resolve to write a handwritten letter to someone who has impacted my life

  98. I resolve to read a book not assigned by one of my classes

  99. I resolve to take a freshman out for coffee/meal

  100. I resolve to picking five of these resolutions and applying them in the new year

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