How HBCU Coaches Are Finding Community


How HBCU Coaches Are Finding Community

Serving the HBCU athletic community through empowering and encouraging coaches

Kayla Jenerette

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“Coaches understand that their role isn’t as much about winning games as it is pouring into athletes to help them win at life — leaving the university to be good citizens.”- Carl, HBCU Coaches Retreat Director

And that’s why AIA’s HBCU Coaches Retreat is designed to serve coaches as they influence and invest in the lives of hundreds of athletes on their campuses. For the past five years, this event has served 200 coaches from more than 50 different universities.

But, when coach Carl (an AIA staff member) meets coaches from Historically Black College and Universities (HBCUs), they tell him they feel discouraged, overwhelmed and burnt out.

At the retreat, keynote speakers like CBS Analyst Clark Kellogg, and former NBA All-star, Cazzie Russell, take the time to share insight and inspiration to the coaches who are often overlooked by the athletic world. Forums are designed to empower, encourage, & build strong relationships.

Networks are built. Friendships form. Mentors are available.

The young men and women under the leadership of these coaches are developing professional skills, but more importantly they are discovering a sense of identity and purpose. These athletes will become business leaders, community advocates, educators, parents … and the list goes on.

Plans are in the making to continue serving the HBCU athletic community more in the coming two years, because every year thousands of athletes learn what it means to be a good teammate, grow personally, and impact the world on HBCU campuses. Athletes in Action is ready to meet both coaches and athletes with opportunities like:

  • Team Building Opportunities
  • Ministry on College Campuses
  • Leadership Training & Development
  • International Mission Trips
  • Summer Camps & Weekend Retreats

Would you consider joining the work of HBCU coaches by donating today to influence the lives of college athletes on HBCU campuses across the country?