Hurdles Bible Studies

Hurdles Bible Studies

Leader’s Guide

Playbook for Life – Is the Bible relevant to my life?

Get in the Game – Am I on the team?

In-Game Interviews – Am I willing to step into your world?

In-Season and Out – Should I tell others about God?

All Hands In – Do we really need each other?

Power Play – How do I live differently?

Trophy of Grace – Am I good enough?

Big-Time Sports – What is the place of sport in my life?

Leading by Example – What Characterizes a good leader?

Got Game for God – Who runs my life?

Taking a Knee – Can I trust God with myself?

Personal Foul – What’s love got to do with it?

Livin’ Larger – Am I made for more than sport?

Time Out – Is my inner-life too cluttered to “live well?”

Your Real Opponent – Who is out to get me?

Show Me the Money –  What do I do with money?