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TRANSFORMING THE sport of cycling

We are passionate about cycling and we care deeply about the athletes who compete in it. We encourage and equip athletes in their search for significance, identity, & success.

We believe whole-heartedly in supporting athletes in both their athletic and spiritual journeys. We are confident that an athlete’s spiritual journey will create a foundation they can stand on; a foundation that is both substantial and deep. Our hope is that they would forge their identities on the true self and that it would build character in their daily life. In many cases their grounded state of being can go hand-in-hand with athletic success as well. Our staff work tirelessly to serve all the riders of the professional peloton, men and women, regardless of religious conviction, and do everything in our power to support team directors and staff.

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AIA Cycling has been taking professional cyclists to Tijuana, Mexico since 2012, where we partner with Hope Sports to build homes for those in need.

"It seemed like I had to choose between chasing my dream and going to church. Cycling isn’t conducive to a Christian community, but AIA bridges that gap and teaches us how to live a godly life and compete in a way that glorifies Him."

Chad Haga

Team Sunweb

"AIA is ... a family that allows me to grow in my faith while also supporting my athletic ventures. Being able to share my faith while traveling and competing has been a huge step in my walk with Christ."

Michael Hernandez

Aevolo Pro Cycling

"Cycling at the top level is very isolated and demanding. It is a challenging place for a believer to be racing around the world immersed in a secular and self-serving culture. AIA has begun connecting me with other Christians in the sport offering biblical encouragement and accountability."

Ben King

"AIA has offered loving community in the midst of a tough and often emotionless sport. They have challenged me in my relationship with Christ and have encouraged so many athletes through their consistent work with the weekly study and at-event chapels."

Alison Arensman

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